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Pietro Consagra

Pietro Consagra was a sculptor and writer, as well as one of the most prestigious exponents of Italian abstraction (Mazaro del Vallo 1920-Milano 2005) . In 1947 together with other artists he founded the group Form I which claimed the “freedom to be both Marxist and formalist” and in 1947 he published the manifesto of the abstract group” Gruppo Form I” with Piero Dorazio,Ugo Attardi, Carla Accardi, Antonio Sanfilippo, Achille Perili, Mino Guerrini e Turcato. The artist sums up his personal vision as follows: “Express the dramatic rhythm of contemporary life with plastic elements which should be the formal synthesis of man’s action in contact with the mechanisms of this society, which demand determination, strength, optimism ,simplicity and clarity”. In his works made of bronze, brass, iron and wood, Consagra prefers progressing in 2 dimensions, bestowing upon the sculpted piece, cut through with graffiti, slashes and elements in relief, a dramatic meaning, culminating in the near annihilation of volume in the thin sheets of his “Frontal City”, a proposal for an urbanism that is, in fact, a controversial utopia. His infinite artistic capacities bring him to experiment with the creation of precious sculptures to wear, conceived in limited editions exclusively for Valadier.

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