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Chiara Dynys

Chiara Dynys - Born in Mantova and studying during the 80’s Dynys refuses any preconceived idea of style or school in order to express through the language of art, her own personal vision of today’s world. Her work is characterized by matter and light, based on the effects that shadow and form can create from different points of view. Her works seem to fill the space around them. Dieter Ronte, Director of the Kunstmuseum in Bonn describes her work as follows: “a distinctive characteristic of Chiara Dynys’ work is fragmentation: her works appear to explode and fill the room because what she represents has lost unity- it represents the impossibility to re-compose”. Thus her work transforms the perception of space, drawing the spectator emotionally into the creative process. This creative process dissolves into an open process of communication in which the observer is an active element partner.

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