Tribute to Klimt

Rose gold Earrings with green an pink Tourmalines

Handmade in Italy

n. 20 Green and Pink Tourmalines - 5 millimeters - total carat 12.66 - 18k Rose gold

Why Klimt? Because we find everything in Klimt - a world of line and colour, dark and light, an assemblage of little mosaic - like forms side-by-side as well as dynamically overlapping. A triumph of colour vibrations. This is a source of inspiration not meant so much to elicit form but to capture feeling.

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Il marchio Valadier nasce dallo studio e dalla conoscenza di ambiti disciplinari eterogenei quali l’architettura e il design, la pittura
e la scultura, l’artigianato e le arti decorative, dai quali seleziona e realizza progetti volti al mondo della gioielleria.