Contemporary Design, Uniqueness, Harmony and Value

In the world of jewellers Valadier resembles more a forge than a traditional jewellery maker. A forge where architecture, design, the art of painting, sculpture and artisanship are combined and fused together so to create a manufacture of avant garde, inspired by the innovative principles of modern design.

Valadier collaborates with some of the best designers, chosen for the quality of their work and for the multiplicity of their talents. The company stimulates the world of contemporary jewellery production and uses innovation and creativity to produce pieces that go behind the common understanding of a static jewel. Each and every object produced is a medium to feel art and to enjoy it fully.

After all the name Valadier brings to mind the great tradition of roman goldsmith Luigi Valadier and also has a bond with architecture thanks to Luigi’s son, Giuseppe. Always willing to bring together various disciplines, Valadier employs selected artisans chosen among the best goldsmiths, silversmiths, engravers, chasers and stone-setters, all of whom use advanced techniques and alternative materials so to satisfy the needs dictated by the design.

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